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An effective deliverance of branding program calls for a sound and systematic brand strategy. The brand strategy has its focus on influencing the overall operations of organizations to ensure brand consistency and aligning all brand experiences delivered to the target audience.


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An effective deliverance of branding program calls for a sound and systematic brand strategy. The brand strategy has its focus on influencing the overall operations of organizations to ensure brand consistency and aligning all brand experiences delivered to the target audience.

That is why we are here to help organizations define and create the fundamentals of a Brand strategy – Brand Platform, Brand positioning Brand Messaging and Communications Audit.

Brand Platform

A well defined Brand Platform is a must have for any organization’s strategic plans. The Brand Platform defines how the organization applies its values and competitive advantages   to consistently create and deliver distinctive value of the brand to consumers.  Strategically the intention of an organization’s Brand Platform is a concentrated effort of building and sustaining value added customer relationships.

We help organizations create the fundamental essence of their brand platforms by creating clear definition of the Brand Vision, Brand Promises, Brand Drivers and Brand Personality.

  1. Brand Vision
  2. Brand Promises (Value proposition) 
  3. Brand Personality 
  4. Brand Drivers  
Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is a distinctive position that a brand adopts in its competitive environment, it ensures consumers within the targeted market can differentiate the brand from others.  The most critical portion in developing the Brand positioning is about discovering key differentiators, ensuring that they are sustainable, defendable, credible and relevant. Brand Positioning also involves careful manipulation and execution of the marketing mix elements.

We will research and assess client brand’s competitive landscape, and underlying positioning issues that are relevant, sustainable/defendable, credible and differentiated. All in the efforts of helping organizations uncover what gives their brand an edge over their competitors and ultimately claim a share of the market by clearly defining to the target audience, why they should consume our client’s brand over other competitors.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging should distill the essence of the brand into a structure that carry’s both the primary and secondary messages for the target audience. Effective brand messages resonate through the different target audiences and ingraining the brand into the minds of consumers.  With the recent failing of brands in markets, and brands not living up to its reputation has made consumer skeptical to brand messages and relying more on word of mouth marketing to make buying decisions.

Here is the challenge to us in developing a detailed brand message, and craft out a framework that help brands be fluid in connecting to the different target audience across diverse geographical areas and cultures.

Communications Audit

The communications audit would be useful for firms with different departments or divisions, involved in the branding process. This audit analyzes past/present/future internal and external marketing materials that represent the brand – i.e. Letterheads, Brochures, Web site, logos, etc. Analysis also determines how consistent and integrated they are in designs and messages and their respective adherence to corporate standards. It is the findings from the communications audit that clarifies the company’s current position in the marketplace and provides knowledge and information to make strategic decisions on the course of the company.

It is here where we will provide research and analysis of your organization and how it compares against your competitors. We will then assess your communications systems, practices and the impact that they have in the marketplace.  We will in turn use all this information to make strategic communications plans for your organization.

The brand identity of an organization or a product is fundamentally used by consumers for recognition it also symbolizes the brand differentiation from competitors.  It is an outward expression of a brand in terms of naming and visual aesthetics.  We provide advice, exploration and creation of the possible names and logo designs for your brand.


Getting the right name for your brand makes a difference between making it memorable or leaving it unnoticed. A great name has the power to capture consumer’s attention, create imaginations and communicate a unique personality of your brand. Naming is also a key element in the brand development process.

We work collaboratively with clients, guide them through the naming process and develop corporate names and service/products names that create a positive impact on their brands. We also work closely with clients and determine whether a name should be descriptive, suggestive, arbitrary, or fanciful, etc


There is a always a misconception that a brand is a logo. Having said that, a well designed logo is a fundamental building block of building a successful brand identity. A well designed logo is unique, has retention effect and ideally translates certain ideas that the brand represents.

And living in an ever increasingly globalised and digitised economy, our logo designing process takes in consideration how the logo will resonate through the world audience and how it translates in an online environment. Our team will design meaningful and memorable icons for your organization that will make an impact.


A smart and brand savvy organization will understand that the brand is an asset and value the need of brand consistency. It is important to realize that a brand a must possess a level consistency a cross the world, but across vertical markets.

For this reason we develop and document a wide variety of tools from logo usage guides to comprehensive brand guides. These documents will be used by diverse agencies to have common vision of your organization – all efforts to building a strong and consistent brand experience across multiple channels.


Packing designs can morph and take shape in many forms, from simple box shapes to limitations of what a person can imagine and create. The primary function of a package is to store the product, a good packing design should also out from other brands, and ultimately have consumers take it to the cashier counter.  We provide services from the design to the production of the graphics for the packaging and we understand how to leverage the packaging design to showcase the brand.                  

The digital medium is of the present and future of marketing communications, websites, video, digital marketing or any other innovations. Consumers and organizations alike are learning and adopting their everyday lifestyles to it. Digital channels are constant used by organizations to communicate and bring themselves closer to their target audience - not only private organizations but government organizations as well, i.e. in presidential election campaigns, rising government awareness and etc.


The web is no longer what it used to be 10 years ago, where governance was virtually non-existent (Wild Wild Web). Not having a web presence is a good as not having a door to your shop front, which is why organizations are using websites as one of the elements in their branding program and their brand communications activities.

We are here to share and provide clients our experiences in creating their web presence.  From interactive design to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques; from content management to programming, we ensure that the digital experience of our clients’ brands is at its best it can be.


Ignoring the potential use of electronic commerce would be foolhardy of any organization. The applications of electronic commerce are found in both public and private organizations. It not only opens another revenue door for organizations, but also one of the options in a digital branding process.  This electronic shop front and online shopping experience can drastically effect how consumers perceive a brand against its competitors.

We built E-commerce sites that not only facilitates online shopping and payment gateways, but sites that are secured and compliments any brand program activities.  

Digital Marketing

The birth of the digital world has transformed the way organizations communicate their brands to their target audience, it has also brought along new sets of marketing skills and techniques. Getting the audience to interact and engage has more importance than ever.

We assist our clients to identify best online vehicles to carry their message to their target audiences and we will develop and design the necessary digital materials – ensuring that it delivers the best possible brand experiences. 

Here’s an exclusive but non-exhaustive list of digital marketing services we have.

  • Online Advertisements
  • Electronic Direct Mailers/ Email Campaigns
  • Micro-sites
  • Social Media development
  • Widgets and applications

Video is an excellent medium for communicating ideas in persuasive and compelling ways, though it used to extremely expensive to produce, new and emerging technologies has enabled brands to make use of it more extensively and in a more cost effective method. The internet channel has made available all sorts of video experiences – because it offers users a more intimate experience by allowing them to be view at their own time and space.

We produce product marketing show reels, product launch videos, corporate communications video and many more, let us know what your organization requirements are and we are more than glad to offer our services to you.   

Displays, tradeshows/event booths, retail shop front, backdrops and signage are just a few of the many brand environments that a consumers experiences. The Brand Environment experience does not stop externally; the brand environment extends to corporate environments, these are great opportunities to influence employees and customers perception and interaction of the brand.

 We know what it takes to design and create environments that are welcoming and inspiring, but yet functional. “Do we fabricate and install the hardware?” you might ask, we don’t do fabrication and installations, but we work very closely with manufactures and installers to execute the design direction in an impactful but yet cost effective method.

Additionally, we work collaboratively combining our other extise to deliver branded experiences at retail that incorporate the latest technology - and can extend the impact of a campaign to the digital realm.

  • Retail shop front
  • Signage
  • Tradeshow/Event Booth
  • Backdrop

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