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Augmented Reality

This technology called Augmented Reality integrates 3D objects into live video, the video is digitally processed and "augmented" with the 3D components.

First in Singapore to provision PRO- Augmented Reality solutions, by partnering Total Immersion – Global leader of Augmented Reality.  Our solutions are based on a very scalable and reliable Augmented Reality platform. 

With more than 500 companies worldwide (Digital marketing, Retail Sales, FMCGs) benefiting from the value that Augmented Reality brings, research statics has shown how this innovative and creative technology can benefit business and products!

"Why did we put a man on the moon? We did that because Mankind needed a new perspective of the earth. So why do we need Augmented Reality? Because Augmented Reality gives us the same new perspective without the need to travel to the moon." – T.S

Why Augmented Reality?

Through a decade of research and development, Augmented Reality technology has achieved technological leaps and finally reaching maturity in consumer markets,  Augmented Reality has also fortified its grasps in expanding through multiple verticals and industries.

We are living in a digital era of social network media, web 2.0 & 3.0, user collaborated content generation, digital and interactive immersion. With advancements on devices and the evolution of digital network systems, this sets the perfect scene for massive Augmented Realitydeployments.

Where/How can Augmented Reality be deployed?

The following are Vertical Markets where our Augmented Reality platform serves –


Augmented Reality Solution

Live Demonstration

Spectacle Website Demonstration


Video Demonstration

D. Ink’s Solutions (D’ Fusion) :

Main features :

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